Reiki and Angelic Reiki

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Reiki and angelic reiki

angelic reiki session


The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century.

Treatment is by means of hand positions which correspond to each of the seven chakras. The idea is to balance each chakra, which can be likened to a spinning vortex of life energy. If disease is present, it is likely that the chakra relating to the organ which is the seat of the illness will be off balance. This in turn may be due to an emotional issue. Reiki attempts to resolve the causes of the illness by rebalancing the chakra, which in turn will cause the physical symptoms to subside.

Reiki practitioners are attuned to this energy by Reiki masters, and use symbols during treatments.

  • Non-invasive therapy whose purpose is to treat holistically
  • No negative side-effects
  • Used alongside conventional medication or natural remedies
Discover alternative powers of healing with Reiki or Angelic Reiki treatments from Michael Lewis.

Based in Barnet, he welcomes customers from across South Hertfordshire and North London.

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Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a new and powerful hands-on healing method, working with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing and balance on all levels to those receiving the healing energy. It is a complete system of energy healing which is open to all.

During an Angelic Reiki healing treatment, the healer acts as a bridge for angelic healing energy to be transmitted to the recipient. The Reiki symbols are used by the angels instead of the healer and because angels are not restricted by time and space, working with them allows us to reach deeper into all areas which require rebalancing and healing.

A typical treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes, but time will be needed for the healer to discuss health issues at the commencement, and for feedback at the end.

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Michael and his graduation class members
Michael and his graduation class from the Academy of Angelic Healing, Harrow.
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