Emotion Code and Body Code

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The Emotion Code / Body Code

Studying the emotion code

Studying The Emotion Code

I was introduced to this therapy by a local homeopath who enthused that of all the therapies she had ever studied, this was by far the best. As part of her qualification programme, she used me as a guinea pig and I was amazed at the beneficial effects I experienced. Illnesses which had troubled me for most of my life seemed to disappear, and I learned a lot about their causes.

I have now completed my studies and am keen to put into practice what I have learned. I believe that so many diseases are caused by trapped emotions, which are sometimes handed down from one generation to another.

By using muscle testing (kinesiology) to determine the trapped emotions and by working in a logical progression through a chart of emotions and the illnesses they cause, the emotions can be released magnetically.
If the emotion was causing an illness, then the symptoms can quickly fade away without any invasive or harmful effects.
To find out more about the range of parapsychology services and paranormal investigations, contact Michael Lewis in Barnet.

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The Body Code therapy

The Body Code is used for other conditions which do not derive from trapped emotions, and again uses muscle testing. The theory is that the subconscious knows everything there is to know about the human body, so by tapping in to it, the cause of an illness and the best way to treat it can be ascertained. 

This concept is widely known in psychiatry and can be proven effective over and over again. Before requesting treatment, the patient is invited to study the founder's website, www.drbradleynelson.com.
This theory is remarkably effective! Why not see for yourself and book an appointment to discuss it further?
Based in Barnet I invite customers from across South Hertfordshire, including Watford, St Albans and North London boroughs.

"Getting blocked emotions surfaced and dealt with at the onset is a healthy approach to a healthy body and mind. 
As prevention is better than cure, getting rid of unwanted emotions that lead to illnesses and diseases is the ultimate key 
The emotion code is the right approach for maintaining good balance of a healthy mind and body 
Michael Lewis has helped our family tremendously with his expertise and spiritual gifts. 
He is a fountain of knowledge and a master of the emotion code 
We would highly recommend Michael as a healer as he has successfully diagnosed and treated our whole family He is remarkable in his field.

Thank you Michael. You're an earth angel" 

- Manisha
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