"Conclusions of a Parapsychologist"

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"Conclusions of a Parapsychologist"

Conclusions of a Parapsychologist book

Mark Sykes, Editor-in-Chief, Athena Press

"This is a remarkable book. It is a book which it is not really possible to review sensibly, in a short space as this; one can say little, except that this is a work of rare and magical spiritual insight, and Michael Lewis's writing rings with truth and authenticity. I am perhaps the wrong person to review a book like this in any case, as one who has been fortunate enough to "beat cancer" using a range of "alternative" (alternative to what, I was tempted to ask at the time!) therapies. The person who helped me was someone who was in touch with the other side, and who was guided in her work by a spirit guide. This was how I learnt that the spirit world is all around us, as real as our own, and that there are rare individuals who are permitted to raise a little the veil that divides us from a higher truth. When, as in this case, inspiration is shared, every reader gains.

This is a carefully selected and finely expressed group of closely related, well defined and chosen concepts, no doubt from a personal experience that is even wider than that which we here are privileged to share. The material is presented in a narrative context, and will engage and often astonish the reader. Michael demonstrates that we are but at the very edge of knowledge, and that all we can see is a small corner of the whole. A book like this gives us the chance to lift the veil a little, and glimpse the vast uplands beyond. He has the ability to set down the material clearly and with an attractive writing style, and the prose is as clear as a window-pane."

"Conclusions of a Parapsychologist" is Michael's first book.
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The book is now published by Balboa Press and is available from many local and online book retailers.
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