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After obtaining a BA Hons degree in Latin at Leicester University (which I am pleased to see has flourished since I departed!), I embarked on a career in the administration of the Church of England which embraced computing, property and finance. I left this some years ago to become a full time parapsychologist, in order to pursue a lifelong interest in most aspects of the paranormal. I started off in the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), later joining the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) after it broke away from the SPR. I followed this with the British Unidentified Flying Object Research Association (BUFORA) and latterly the Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS).
I have spent countless cold nights in haunted properties up and down the country and investigated numerous reports of UFO sightings. Crop circles are of particular interest because they fulfil many of the criteria for scientific study. In 2006 I underwent a series of near death experiences (NDEs) which not only provided proof for many of my conclusions but greatly broadened my horizons. I now believe that very little of what we see and believe about the world around us is quite what it seems. Feeling that the best way of studying a phenomenon is to try and experience it myself, I studied mediumship at Stansted College, the HQ of the Spiritualists National Union (SNU), with some modest success. More recently I trained as an AngelTherapist™ at Glastonbury under Doreen Virtue, and had some amazing experiences which convinced me of the reality of the angelic realms. Nor have I neglected the field of healing, as I am trained in Reiki 1 and 2 and latterly Angelic Reiki. I am not afraid to speak my mind, often to the horror of my scientific colleagues whom I feel will make little progress if they are hesitant to dip their toe in the water. I confess to being a born revolutionary and have never shirked controversy. 
My outside interests include the Liberal Democrats (pace Nick Clegg and his u-turns which are anathema to me!), and the railway preservation movement which is dear to my heart, having travelled extensively in my childhood over the East Anglian railway network, in the sight and sound of steam locomotives. I am married to Margaret, a nurse, and we have two children, Jonathan, who after obtaining his BA at Cambridge went on to become a professor at Tallinn University with the task of preparing Estonia for EU entry and is now working at the Bank of England, and Sara, who has three children including twins.
I have to say I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, because I am only interested in theories which have a sound basis in fact, although I do concede that I have come across convincing evidence that Princess Diana was murdered. My latest venture is to learn Dr Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code therapy which I am following up with a study of cancer and its causes, as I believe the code offers new hope for cancer sufferers.

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